Unscramblet Keeps Your Business Making Money

Don't have time to figure out the technical aspects of your website?

Want to do cool things with your newsletter or scheduling program and not know how?

Want support from a US-based technician whose superpower is translating geeky things to "non-computer people?"

Unscramblet Technology Solutions was created for entrepreneurs like you! Look, I know you're busy running your own business, and you'd rather be meeting with clients or working on your programs rather than dealing with technology. You want someone to take care of the tech stuff for you, and you want to know that they know their stuff.

You want to feel as if your tech support cares about you and your business as much as you do!

Welcome to Unscramblet!

We specialize in:

  • Website administration, including updates.
  • Website hosting. (Don't host your website with someone who won't support your WordPress or other programs. Make sure you can get all your questions answered.)
  • Newsletter Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Editing and ghost writing services
  • Integration and Automation
  • Shopping Cart Setup, Maintenance, and Administration (Woocommerce, ZenCart, Ecwid, and others)

Work with someone who has spent over a decade translating "geek" to "everyone else".

Let's talk about how I can make you more productive and help you earn more today!
To schedule a call, use the "Help" button below, or contact me.

About Your Technical Support Goddess

me_headshot_optimized For nearly a decade (and earlier since my coworkers usually came to me before they called Tech Support) I provided technical support in a major financial corporation until they sent my job to Hong Kong and I went to live my dream in the Ozarks. My technical support career goes back further, to my first computer whose name I can't even remember, but ran on some version of DOS to my DOS programming classes I took fresh out of high school. Being a computer geek is in my blood. My family never really understood, but they sure knew who to come to for all their questions. (My grandma still calls me when she sees something on the soap opera she watches and asks if computers really can do that. Yes, they probably can.)

Luckily for you, I've always been able to translate that computer geekery to "non technical" people. In fact, if I had to give myself a title, I'd say I'm the Goddess of Geek Translation. I'll take my offerings in coffee.

Now, my life is a mixture of old technology, as in homesteading, and new, as in websites and apps, with the goal of helping you find the systems that make your life, and your business, run perfectly. Through Unscramblet, I help you unscramble your technology, so you can stay sane.

Shelley Scudder
Mary is such a blessing! She helped me navigate my scheduler and connect it with my facebook page! She explained and walked me through setting up my Facebook business page with my freebie offer!  Her patience and sense of humor made creating these technical connections a joy!  I will certainly call on Mary the next time I hit my tech ceiling!  Peace.