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I can’t recommend Mary enough for her consistently excellent content editing work.  Not only does Mary have a sharp eye for tweaking sentence structures for clarity, she hones in on the message being conveyed, and challenges points to make the piece more rich and resonant.  I’m so grateful I’ve come across her talent and skill – her editing magic has been invaluable for each of my articles before they go out for publishing.  Mary’s high standards, attention to detail, professionalism, communication and deliverables are a dream for any writer.

Krista Kujat

Pleasure Crusader, writer, Permission by Krista Kujat

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When you sell your books directly from your website, you take control of the distribution process. Sure, you won’t be able to eliminate outside vendors like Amazon, and you don’t want to! What you do want is an easy to set up, simple to maintain system for selling books direct to your readers and offering free downloads and gifts. Get the ebook today! (Comes with many free bonuses!)

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Need help? From websites, eCommerce, and newsletters to book formatting and transcription, Unscramblet Author Services can help. Contact me and let’s discuss how I can keep you writing while I handle the tech.

Mary helped me deliver an entire email sequence for one of my sales funnels and the process went so smoothly and quickly. She saved me a lot of time and money.

Maria Gudelis

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by Mary Caelsto

Mary is such a blessing! She helped me navigate my scheduler and connect it with my facebook page! She explained and walked me through setting up my Facebook business page with my freebie offer!  Her patience and sense of humor made creating these technical connections a joy!  I will certainly call on Mary the next time I hit my tech ceiling!  Peace.

Shelley Scudder

Infinate Grace & Ease

Landing Pages for Writers

Those in the entrepreneurial world have heard about landing pages. They're often called squeeze pages, because they usually have one action, such as opting into a newsletter to receive a free gift. They squeeze the reader in the direction that you want them to go....

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3 Things You Shouldn’t Do In Your Author Newsletter

I get a lot of author newsletters. I've mentioned my InstaFreebie addiction before, plus I love reading them to see what people are doing and how authors are utilizing their newsletters. Because of this, I see a lot of things that turn me and presumably other readers...

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What can good show notes do for your podcast?

It's all in the audio, right? Your witty guest. The powerful insights. Who actually visits the website to read show notes anyway? Yet good show notes can do more than enhance your show, they can also add to your site's search engine optimization, help your website...

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