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Newest Product: Mailchimp Basics

You know you need a newsletter and you’ve decided on Mailchimp. It’s free plan is great, and better yet, it allows you to get started without monthly fees. But once you’ve signed up, you’re completely, totally overwhelmed. You’re not alone. By the time this 30 minute video is over you’ll have created your account, your list, and be ready to send your first newsletter!

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Need help? From websites, eCommerce, and newsletters to book formatting and transcription, Unscramblet Author Services can help. Contact me and let’s discuss how I can keep you writing while I handle the tech.

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by Mary Caelsto

What’s Your Newsletter For Anyway?

I read way too many newsletters that are set up like this: Look a new book! Buy my book! Here's another book! Have you bought my book yet? So on and so forth... After a while not only does that get boring as hell, but you're also treating your readers like little ATM...

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3 Ways To Have Your Readers Follow You To Your Webstore

It seems that authors have to pay for so many marketing services today. And compounding this issue is that it is difficult to track where purchasers came from. We can’t get stats from Amazon, for example, so we’re left to wonder if those book buys came from an ad,...

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Mary is such a blessing! She helped me navigate my scheduler and connect it with my facebook page! She explained and walked me through setting up my Facebook business page with my freebie offer!  Her patience and sense of humor made creating these technical connections a joy!  I will certainly call on Mary the next time I hit my tech ceiling!  Peace.

Shelley Scudder

Infinate Grace & Ease