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You might be looking at your current newsletter program and wondering what else is out there. Or, you’re hearing people talking about changing to another platform, such as moving from Mailchimp to MailerLite due to the cost, and wondering if you’re missing out. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) is big in the tech world, and the first thing is to ignore it. You’re not missing out. In fact, before changing your newsletter provider, I encourage you to think of these three things.

1. What features are you actually using?

I won’t lie. I could totally dive deeper into reports or play with segmentation better in my own newsletters. Think about what you want your newsletter to do, or how you want to improve your newsletter management (such as better reporting and acting on those reports), and start using them better. Fully utilizing what you have is a great first step toward improving your newsletter management.

2. What features do you want to have?

I recently did a poll in a group about newsletter features and several mentioned things like being able to resend to people who hadn’t opened. (That would annoy me as a subscriber, FYI.) So think about if you could wave a magic wand, what would you want your newsletter to do?

3. How much time are you willing to invest?

This last one is a biggie. If you’re a send a newsletter and let it tend to itself sort of author, and hey nothing wrong with that, then maybe the bells and whistles aren’t necessary and if what you have works for you, then you’re good. How much time do you want to spend importing names, cleaning your lists, etc?

Once you’ve nailed down these three answers, you’ll have a good idea of what you want in a newsletter and can start looking for a new provider, or settle down to better use the one you have.

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