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Reviews are part of the lifeblood of book promotion. With reviews comes additional visibility, social proof, increased reader trust, plus what author doesn’t love getting positive reviews? However it’s also true that as an author, with the process of writing and editing a book plus marketing on your plate, you probably don’t have a lot of time to chase down or follow up with reviewers.

Virtual Assistants can help.

Virtual assistants save time.

One of the biggest time-sinks when it comes to reviews is finding out where to send your book for review and how to do so. Virtual Assistants can do this research for you. If they work with review sites a lot, they also can build up a rapport with them and save time in getting to the review que for your book. Here at Unscramblet Author Solutions, I’m actively cultivating a list of places to review books so that my clients have a list at their fingertips to send review copies out to. And if they choose to hire me to help, then I can save them time, which saves money.

Virtual assistants can do the leg work.

Some sites have forms and some sites require an email. Virtual assistants can figure this out and fill out the form or send the email. They can do the tedious work of sending all of those review requests for you, which will free you up to edit or write the next book.

Virtual assistants can keep track of your reviews.

You’re busy. I understand. However sometimes you will want to follow up on review requests. You’ll want to know when they were sent, when they were last followed up on, and then do that follow up. This is something a virtual assistant can help with as well.

If you have questions about how a virtual assistant can help you get reviews, I’d love to talk. Contact me!