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I had a philosophy that I cultivated when I started doing technical support. “What if my grandma were on the other line?” I love my grandma, but she doesn’t even want a computer in her house. Doesn’t like the thing; doesn’t need it. And so, in a corporate world full of outsourced employees and techs who joked about their customers any chance they had, I stood out.

Patience. Caring. Compassion. That’s how I treated my customers, and how I wanted to be treated if I called the help desk. It’s how you deserve to be treated when you come to someone for technical support.

Unscramblet comes frommy 10+ years working in corporate technical support. I’ve been in the writing and publishing communities since my first book was published in December 2002 (magazine articles a lot earlier), and I know that one of the things that authors, and entrepreneurs, need is good technical support. What good is your website if you don’t know how to maintain it? And in that time, I’ve witnessed some painful stories of developers up and leaving, or authors who had no idea how to handle their website and paid way too much to have someone upload a simple graphic.

So that’s why I created Unscramblet–to make sure that authors and entrepreneurs had a solid resource for their technical virtual needs. Plus, I love technology. I love geeking out. And I love sharing this with you. So here’s to everyone becoming unscrambled!