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One of the first basic lessons that’s taught in Entrepreneur 101 is that you don’t want to build your entire business on someone else’s platform. What does this mean? It means that if a tool you use to promote or service your business, for example Amazon, goes away tomorrow, how would readers buy your books? How would you still be able to sell your book to hungry readers?

It’s a scary question and one that many authors were faced with when All Romance Ebooks closed abruptly at the end of 2016. Though ARE wasn’t the main source of distribution for independently published authors, or at least I hope it wasn’t, it still represented a large chunk of income for those authors. With it gone, there’s a vacuum and retailers, new and established, are picking up the slack or at least attempting to.

Authors are wary these days about committing to a new vendor or distributor relationship. And who can blame them? These days, it’s easy for someone without real live bonafides to set themselves up as a “retailer” or “publisher” and reap the financial rewards of other people’s hard work. Instead, it’s time for authors to take back their platform and their books.

One of the best tools to do this is an author webstore. No, it won’t fully replace Amazon or any other vendor; it doesn’t have to. What your webstore will do is provide a showcase for you to display your books and links to the vendors you prefer your readers buy from. It also aids you in your marketing by providing a way for you to distribute free books and utilize coupons so you know exactly what promotional efforts are driving traffic.

There are many good things about having your own webstore, and setting one up doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, if you don’t want to handle it, then that’s what I do. I’m a technical goddess who also just happens to be an author, so I know exactly what you’re struggling with and how best to fix it.

It’s my opinion that every author needs a webstore. The benefits are too great, and in today’s marketplace it’s simply too risky to rely solely on platforms that you cannot control.

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