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One of the most common questions I hear from new authors involves what they need for their platform. Do they need a website? Isn’t their Facebook Page (or even their profile) all they need? What if they write in a genre like erotica where they don’t want a lot of social media or contact with readers? What can they do and what can they get away with not doing?

I won’t lie. These questions are debated endlessly in Facebook Groups and at author meetings. Some will swear they’ve hit the lists without any sort of websites. Others will say their newsletter is their lifeblood and they think an author shouldn’t be without one. Still others say they only sell with social media. Yet, you’ll find another group raking in big bucks without it.

Who do you believe?

I invite you to join me on Sunday, November 26, at 1pm CST (replay available if you can’t make it live) where I’ll discuss these questions. I’ve been a published author since 2002, so I’ve seen trends come and go, rise and fall. I know what’s served me the best and what’s happening now as we compete in an over saturated marketplace for the limited attention spans of our readers.

The event is free. And I encourage you to register, even if you’re not sure you can make it, because a replay will be available for you to watch at your convenience. Plus, you’ll get some free goodies. I hope to see you there.

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