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The Nuclear Chowder Marketing MethodThe Nuclear Chowder Marketing Method by Michael S. Brooks
paperback & Kindle
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I heard about Michael Brooks in the Web.Search.Social podcast, and because I love the podcast, as well as really liked what I heard from him when he was interviewed, I wanted to read this book. Before I dive into my review, I will say that I wholeheartedly endorse what Michael, as well as the Web.Search.Social team says about marketing and the concepts in this book. I agree with their thoughts and love their work.

I cannot deny that the information in this book is solid. It’s good. If you want to think about marketing differently, then this book will help. However, if you have been thinking about marketing different already and were looking to up your game, I expected…well something more nuclear-y and chowder-y. In other words, something mind-blowingly different. And in that, this book did, and didn’t deliver. It DID deliver because these concepts are a complete 180 from what a lot of the marketing “gurus” teach. It’s real. It’s getting in the trenches and loving on your customers so hard they can’t say no stuff. It’s good. But for those of us who have been thinking in terms of story telling and ideal clients, well its not so much what the author says, but how he says it.

This is a superb book if you’re looking for someone to talk to you about content marketing, how to tell a story your ideal clients will love, and ways to stand out.