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New Client Welcome

Welcome! I’m so excited that we will be working together. In order to make our projects run smoothly, I invite you to complete the following tasks.

1. Complete the form on the left-hand side. This will send your information into my customer management system. You’ll be taken to a Thank You page when it’s complete. You can disregard what’s on the thank you page (other than a huge THANK YOU).

2. Be on the lookout for an Asana email. If our work together consists of an ongoing relationship or multiple projects, I will be adding our work into Asana. You will have an email that will show that I’ve added you to the tasks. This is a dashboard where we can communicate, and I will show the progress.

3. You should be receiving a paypal invoice. For ongoing or pre-paid projects, please be on the lookout for this invoice.

4. Look for your final WELCOME email. This email will let you know if there’s anything additional that I need from you and confirm the turnaround time.

Thank you!