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How to use technology to create email content

One of the biggest questions I get is “how to do you generate a newsletter so often? I have nothing to say.” Well first off, of course you have something to say. This question often comes from authors who may be in between new release books or entrepreneurs who are just starting out. They don’t have an offer, or anything to sell, so they wonder what could possibly be the content of their newsletter.

The good news is that you always have content. Here are a few things that you can share. And guess what? They also work well for your blog posts too.

1. Link roundups

Have you read any good books lately? Read any good articles on industry trends? Send out a newsletter letting your subscribers know these things. They’ll appreciate the recommendation, and if you have an affiliate account (like Amazon Associates), you can embed your affiliate link for some residual income. Even better if you double this as a blog post and include the Twitter handles of the article or book authors. Great exposure for you!

2. Be personable.

Your subscribers want to know you have a life outside of your business. Share a bit about yourself. Make it an engaging post, like asking what their favorite holiday tradition might be. In fact, I could have asked you to send me your favorite bread recipes to tie into my personal news at the top of this newsletter. And then, I could share those on my blog (with permission of course) for added bonus and relationship creation. (Don’t worry. I plan on sharing those recipes that I’m trying out on my Charmed Chicken blog anyway.)

3. Take a question that you see asked online

You’re probably a member of more than a few Facebook groups. Many active ones have dozens of questions being asked daily. Take a question (or an issue) and answer it. This way you are providing information your readers want to have, and you get great content.

If you do any of these, make sure to also post them on your blog to get greater reach.You’ll find that it’s a win for your readers and for you too!