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With 13 years, 1 month as a published author, I have seen a lot change in the publishing industry. Producing an ebook is no longer the befuddling, confusing, convoluted process. There are more ebook vendors than ever–though Amazon still reigns. And creating an ebook is easier than you think!

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This weekend I’ll be presenting Webinar to Ebook: Turn Your Content Into Cash, as a free webinar designed to get you thinking about how you can use books to boost your passive income, become an expert, and get leads. I invite you to join me by filling out the form below.

I talk to people all the time who want to create an ebook, but who find themselves lost in a lot of the questions about how to format it, what to write, how to publish it. Starting with content you already have–webinars and audio files–not only answers one of the questions, the “what”, but it also provides you with some simple formatting and processes.

By the time we’re done with the webinar, you will

  • bask in the time saved with these formatting tips and tricks for ebooks
  • be relieved that you don’t have to learn new or complicated software
  • Grow your reach by choosing multiple venues and distributors without hassles

Are you ready to turn your old content into cash?

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