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Fragments of past branding litter the internet. Not just yours or mine, but others as well. Phrases like…

Well, I used to….

I don’t do that anymore, but…..

Are the sign posts stating that you might have old branding materials lying around. I know I did. When I looked at my Amazon Author page, I saw past brands and past websites–some of which I don’t even have any more. Frankly, they were reminders of brands less refined, of things that weren’t my passion and my true love. They needed to go.

Maybe it would have been more difficult if they were bringing in a hefty dose of passive income. They weren’t. And so, though it isn’t spring, a long overdue technological spring cleaning occurred. Those old ebooks came down from Amazon, from Smashwords, from all the vendors where I sell ebooks, because they sure as heck weren’t on my website anymore.

 It’s something I want you to think about. We’re coming to a new year; it’s a perfect time to do a bit of brand clean up. Are there old videos, old blog posts, old content out there that doesn’t serve your current brand and focus? Take some time to clean it up. Your brand will thank you.