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Numbers…numbers everywhere! In this day and age of big data, it’s possible to get detailed analytics on your website, your Facebook ads, your Twitter feed…if you let yourself you could drown in numbers and data. So much of it that you may not know where and how to begin.

My advise is to choose a few metrics (numbers) to focus on. For example, if your goal is to boost your newsletter subscriptions then you can make a list of what needs to happen. They may need to a) visit your website and b) opt-in. So your focus will be on website “unique hits” or unique sets of eyeballs, “total hits” or total visits, and opt-in numbers.

You may want to know how many people read your blogs and how long they stay on your website. Perhaps, if you’re looking to have people spend more time connecting with you and your content, then it’s average pages per visit.

The important part is that you know your goal and you can map the steps your readers and website visitors need to take to get there.

Once you’re consistently tracking the numbers you want, then you can look to branch out. If you want to dive deep and look at all your numbers you can, but for most of us, the wealth of information can be overwhelming and actually will detract from our mission.