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Confession time. I was doing some work on my backlist and realized that my serial, you know the one that I put out the first installment in 2014….hadn’t gone any further. Whoops!

Now this is a disgrace because I even had a large portion of it written, so much so that according to the schedule I made this weekend I wouldn’t need to write any fresh content for it until August or so. I certainly had no excuses except forgetfulness and being busy. Yeah, not really good excuses at all.

I’ve gone through, planned out my releases, put reminders on my google calendar, and I’m sure that we’ll have no problems going forward. If you are writing a series, I encourage you to do the same. Look at your calendar, plan out time for editing and pre-publication work, plus some promotional efforts. Then, make sure you have your schedule ready.

Don’t forget your serial. Your readers will be waiting.