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Ethics & Service Agreements

My Technical Code of Ethics

I don’t turn my data or technical information over to anyone, and I don’t expect you to either. Therefore, I commit to the following:

  • Client Confidentiality. Your work is sacred. I would never share our relationship with anyone else. Everything is held in the strictest confidence.
  • Reliability and Integrity. I do what I say, and I say what I do. If I give a time frame, you can count on it being met, or more often, completed early. If I quote you a price, that’s what you pay.
  • Non-solicitation. You and I have a business relationship I value. During my intake process, I suggest my newsletter. You don’t sign up; I don’t send you anything outside of our regular business correspondence. I love to follow up and stay connected, but you’re always in control of when and how.
  • Service Level Agreements. My turn-around-time varies from project to project, but I will answer all emails within 24 hours — usually less. And I will meet my quoted time frame.
  • Clear Communication. I will clearly communicate during our work together. If unforseen circumstances arise, I will clearly and honestly communicate with you. In short, this is a serious no BS zone.
  • Drama Free. I know you’re busy. You have life stuff, just like I do. We all do. So I pledge to make this a drama free zone for you. Know that you can entrust your work to me, and it’ll get done — no excuses.

Service Agreements

My service to you includes emails acknowledged and answered within 24 hours, usually less. In the very rare event I am away and unable to do so, I will let you know in advance. I will meet your time frame or exceed it, unless we’ve agreed to something else beforehand. You have complete ownership of your site, your content, and anything I create for you. If you are not happy, I will make it right.

Refund Policy

Due to the technical nature of my work, I cannot offer refunds. If you are unhappy, I will make it right with you. If I am unable to make it right, then refunds are offered at my discretion.

Hosting is paid for by the month. Services can be cancelled with 10 days’ notice. No partial refunds will be given on unused portions of the month.