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I already use Evernote to jot down ideas, plan out ventures, store recipes, and in short, keep my life running smoothly. When I received the email that Evernote now supported audio, well my little techie heart skipped a beat or two. This is very exciting for those of us who love Evernote.

Here’s how it works. Either drag an existing audio file to your notecard or check the toolbar to find the microphone at the end of the row. Click record and begin recording.

There are file size limitations depending on what version of Evernote you have. But for making those quick “thinking out loud” notes to yourself, I think this is a wonderful development. Then, when you’re ready, either save those files or share those notes with someone who can transcribe them for you and you have an instant organizational system.

You don’t need to miss another thought again. Simply record them in Evernote and you’ll not only have them organized, but also be able to send them to others.

Let me know, are you as excited about this development as I am?

(Full instructions can be found on Evernote’s site.)