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If I were some kind of slick internet guru marketer, I’d throw up a big register button and say, sign up for my webinar and you’ll find out the answers. But let’s be honest? Who has time for such games? You want answers and you needed them yesterday.

A big question is how many social media platforms are “enough” for an author to be on, and the answer is, there isn’t an answer. At least not a one size that fits all answer. After all, each platform is different. Instagram and Twitter are two completely separate beasts, with different audiences, goals, and intentions. Add in Tumblr and Facebook, Pintrest and LinkedIn, then throw in the newer ones like MeWe and Mastedon, and well, things get really complicated really fast.

The better question is: how many social platforms are enough for you? Click To Tweet

And more importantly, how do you know? The quickest way to answer is to think about where you spend your time. You’re not going to work hard to grow a platform you don’t enjoy. If you’re a shutterbug and love posting pictures, then Instagram may be your jam. I’m not that way, but I love the pithy snippets of Twitter and the sharing of Facebook. Find out what you love to do and build on that.

When you’re looking to add a platform check out its intended audience  Who is using it now and what for? Authors of LGBTQIA+ fiction and paranormal/urban fantasy may find themselves drawn to Tumblr, where a lot of geek culture can be found hanging out and exploring questions like what would happen of a Slytherin and a Hufflepuff were besties. LinkedIn most likely will work better for nonfiction authors with its emphasis on career and business.

And finally, how much time do you have? It takes time to grow social media and to use the platform effectively. The better social media accounts actually interact with their followers. It doesn’t matter what account you’re on blasting buy my book posts from dawn to dusk isn’t going to win friends or influence anyone.

If you’d like to learn more about author platforms and dive into this topic deeper, I do encourage you to register for my free event on Sunday 11/25. Don’t worry, I’ll offer a free replay if you miss it, and I promise you there won’t be a big sales fest at the end. My focus is on helping you get the tools you need to build your author platform, and do so in a way that helps keep you sane.

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