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Maybe like me, you have two ideal clients. (I work with fiction authors and I work with entrepreneurs. Both are born from my own experiences in both worlds.) Or maybe you have so much awesome goodness that you want to share, so you create a couple of different opt-ins. See who can opt into your list with videos and with a great printable. You may want to use segments for this, or you may simply want to offer a couple of different of free gifts. Either way you’re stretching the way that you use Mailchimp in new and exciting directions and you want to know how.

I’ll be talking more about this when I review my absolutely utterly favorite plugin for WordPress and Mailchimp.

Step 1: Create a page on your website where people can download/view/acquire your free gift. (If you’re using something viewable or downloadable instead of just a coupon or other email-based opt-in gift.)

Step 2: I use the plugin Yikes! Easy Forms for Mailchimp.This is the one I’ll be reviewing later. In it, I can choose which page people can be taken to upon signup or successful subscription. Point this page to the one you just created.

Step 3: Put the opt-in form on a page. Now, when people opt-in on that page only, you’ll send them to the right download.

Make sure you have different forms on other pages if you want those opt-ins to receive a special gift. If you have any questions, just ask!