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When I was an author, it was easy to generate income from the content I made for my newsletter subscribers. I wrote a book just for them–a chapter a month. When the book was finished, my newsletter subscribers had a time period when it was free, but then I released the book. Now that I work with entrepreneurs and a lot of the content that I created is more along the lines of audio and video content, it wasn’t as easy to turn it into something that can generate passive income.

Until I discovered transcription. In fact, it was my own transcription work that created the first ebook for the Unscramblet Webinar series, that prompted me to offer the service. But transcription is just the first part. You still have to convert that text into something that looks nice and that you can sell.

That’s where next month’s webinar comes in.

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Join me on January 17 as I chat with you about how to turn that old content into cash. It doesn’t need to be webinars or audios either. Those are the most common, but you can also repurpose old blog posts, guest blog posts, and other content as well.

There are people who need and want to hear your message. Even though the information may be “old” (or rather previously published), it’s new to them. If they didn’t attend your webinar or happen to read your blog that day, then what you’re saying could be a breath of fresh air.

Don’t miss out. Let’s talk tech and I would love to help you turn content into cash.

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