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This has been around for a while, but I think it’s important to keep talking about it. Now when you post a book to Amazon you’re asked if you want to then produce a print book. It seems like a good idea, but as someone who has been handling print books through both Ingram’s Lightning Source and Createspace, there are a few things that worry me, as well as other points that are outlined in this article.

1. No wholesale pricing

One of the keys to selling print books from your own website, or at events, (and something I discuss in my book) is the ability to get wholesale pricing. In this way, when you sell for cover price, or even a bit below, you are still making more money than if the customer had purchased the book from Amazon directly.

2. No way to see a physical proof

Amazon’s print doesn’t have a way for you to receive a physical proof prior to the book going live. This is detrimental because you can’t review the book to make sure that it has turned out the way you expected. Instead, you’re forced to rely on Amazon’s systems and how they print the book, with little to no input.

These two reasons alone are why I won’t be using Amazon’s print option anytime soon. Instead, I’ll keep doing what I have been doing, and enjoy the benefits of reduced pricing and a physical proof. And that’s what I will advice clients to do as well.