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In the previous article, I discussed list segmentation and how it might work for you. And ironically enough, just as I was telling you the reasons why you might not want to segment your list, and how I was moving into multi-list mode, well I decided to segment my list. But here’s the truth about that. The segment I am creating is closely tied into my main list, and the people in the segment will want to receive the information that goes out to my main list too.

The example I gave you in the earlier article, about my multi-passionate list where I have a conglomeration of people there. Yeah, they need separate lists. Because there are people who may be interested in my soap making who could care less about my author services or even my own books. Or they may be there for the stories of the homestead, but not really connect with what I do. It’s a very wide list and because of that it really needs to be chunked down into separate lists.

The good news is that since the last article, I figured out (I think, I’ll let you know and blog abut it) a free WordPress plugin that will subscribe people to a specific interest group or segment, which will totally cut down on the main reason why I said you shouldn’t segment.

(Now you see the joys of ever-changing technology. Just as you get something down — bam the paradigm shifts and it all changes. LOL!)

So, why would you want to have multiple lists?

If you have different directions for your business, then have multiple lists.

If you have lists that won’t cross with interests or sending the same email, have multiple lists.

If you want to keep people completely separate (for example affiliates and regular subscribers), have multiple lists.

If someone is on each of those lists they will count as double subscribers for the purposes of counting subscriber numbers. However, if your lists are sufficiently divergent then you won’t generally have much overlap.

I’ve found that segmented lists need to be watched carefully in order to keep them from getting unwieldy. But you need to also do the same thing with different lists otherwise you’ll have lists everywhere.

The bottom line is that you need to find a way that works for you, and that’s something that I, as a technical virtual assistant, can help with. Let’s talk!