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When I started my big, ambitious WordPress project, I looked at GenerateWP. Once I realized some of the premium code snippets I could create, I paid for a premium membership. Now, before I continue my review, let me tell you that I know just enough php to know what I’m looking at, but I also know just enough code to be dangerous. In other words, I can’t code things directly myself, but can cut and paste and usually work my around a functions.php file in WordPress. I consider myself a beginner-intermediate WordPress coder.

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The interface at GenerateWP is easy to use and with help from the WordPress Codex, the fields make perfect sense. I was able to complete my simple text widget easily. However, when it came time to implement the code, either through a direct insertion into functions.php or by creating a plugin, it didn’t work. I’ve enlisted the aid of a coder to resolve the issues. I’m told the code is too much for what I wanted it to do. (Simply give me a simple text widget I could use on sites in a multi-site installation.)

Support at GenerateWP is nonexistent. I sent a request over a month ago through their online form. I also posted on their forum, which is clunky and very difficult to search. No reply. Nothing.

Keep in mind that I am a paid customer. I paid for six months of their premium level membership so I could utilize things like the custom text widget, and if necessary a custom dashboard widget. (I found an alternative that did the custom dashboard widget in addition to several awesome features.)

I cannot recommend GenerateWP to anyone who isn’t already seriously fluent in php and WordPress code. As a paid customer, I feel ripped off with no support and no replies to any emails or queries. Honestly, I want a refund as the code has been completely unsuitable to what I wanted to use it for. I also understand that many of these tools are buyer beware, and that’s why I only paid for 6-months. It seemed like a reasonable gamble.

The good news is that the majority of WordPress users won’t need to custom code their sites. Themes like Divi and additional plugins, such as the one I found, make customization easy. And, for when it isn’t, there are experienced WordPress professionals ready to help.