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A CMS or contact management system allows you to keep track of the people you interact with as part of your normal business processes. For me, since I work as a virtual assistant, I like to keep track of my clients, current and past, those with whom I’ve spoken about services, referral partners, and people who participate in my free blogger/business resource directory. I want to know their names, their emails, and have a place for notes about our conversation, as well as place these individuals into groups based on their interactions with me. (i.e my blogger list, or past client lists)

Frankly, most CMS software is way more than those who aren’t in sales need. I’ve used SugarCE and SuiteCRM (a Sugar derivative) and they are way more than I need. I do follow up and go through sales processes; however, the whole “sales cycle” is more work than is required.

Frankly, at this point I feel a little like Goldliocks. Some CRMs are too big. Others end up being too small. The basic features that I’m looking for seem to not have any sweet spot for midsize CRMs, through I know there are others out there within the WordPress space.

I wanted an alternative and one that integrated with my WordPress website seemed ideal. After researching WordPress CRM plugins, I settled on Ukuu People. And at first I was happy. I could import the people who filled out the spreadsheet for listing in my business directory. I could create “tribes” or groups of people, but after that I found the features lacking.

For example, it would be nice to choose a group of names and be able to send one bulk email to them, and I have yet to find this feature. When I exported my names to move them to a new platform, I could not export their tribes or even the notes I’d made and saved with the names.

I feel like Ukku People is a good start, but one that will need further development before it can be a viable solution for most small businesses.