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Recently I wrote a blog post on what to do when you outgrow MailChimp and it’s proven to be very popular. One of the resources I mentioned was The Newsletter Plugin. This is a plugin that I use on multiple sites and I wanted to provide a review for you here.

To recap, when I was looking for a solution to move beyond MailChimp I wanted something that integrated seamlessly with my site, was less in price, and allowed me to send newsletters and handle the subscription/unsubscription process automatically. This plugin meets those goals.

I’ve used the plugin to send multiple newsletters for my author site and have made it installed on My Author Home‘s free websites by default. I do keep MailChimp and use it for very specific purposes, such as my affiliate program’s newsletter as well as other integrations like InstaFreebie.

So what do I like about the plugin? It’s easy to configure with lots of options. The professional add ons cost less than I would have spent on a monthly basis with MailChimp, and that’s just a once a year cost. If this plugin is like most, they will reduce that for subsequent years’ renewals.

The newsletters look professional. They contain everything that I need to comply with the Can-Spam Act. The templates are user friendly and they come with multiple templates, including some seasonal ones.

All in all I’ve been very impressed with this plugin. There are some limitations like the inability to have multiple lists, but overall, this has proven to be useful and money saving — two things I like.

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