Snow Kissed

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but your prose is do delightful. Since this lady has no where to go…let it snow! Cover designed with your erotica story in mind.

All covers are sold as Name Your Price. There is a minimum price and a suggested price. Pay what you feel the cover is worth. Thank you!



Purchasing author may change title/author name. Colors on fonts and preferred fonts can be changed if desired. Watermark will be removed from the final file and purchasing author will receive one high resolution and one low resolution file.

Terms & Conditions

I’ve offered a suggested price for the cover. I’ve also set a minimum and a maximum price. Feel free to pay what you feel the cover is worth. In this way, you get a cover at a value that works for you, and I still get some compensation for the image and time.

All images are royalty free and licensed. I only sell each cover once.

Titles and author names are suggested and fictitious. No representation or infringement is intended in my quest for something more exciting than “Your Book” by Any Author. 🙂


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