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Have you ever noticed that when you subscribe a newsletter sometimes you get an email to confirm your email address and sometimes you don’t? Ever wonder why that is?

It’s because the person administrating the list either set a single or a double opt-in. In my book Perfect Author Newsletters I talk about reasons why you might want to use one or the other. Personally, I’ve migrated to a single opt-in system and so far haven’t run into any issues.

A single opt-in is when the individual is subscribed as soon as he or she inputs a valid email address and clicks on the “subscribe me” button.

A double opt-in requires the individual to return to the inbox and click a second link to confirm that the email address is valid and that the individual wants to be on your list. Only once that link is clicked is the person subscribed.

Each has its own place in the newsletter world. Here are a few reasons why you might want to choose one over the other.

Single Opt-In

This method is the cleanest as far as getting people on your list and getting them their free gift. InstaFreebie, for example, uses single opt-in and as soon as they prepare the book, it’s in your inbox ready to download.

However, single opt-in is more prone to spam complaints where people claim they didn’t sign up for your list when they did. They just forgot, which is what usually happens.

Double Opt-In

A double opt-in is cleaner from a verified subscriber standpoint. Because the person had to click on that link, it means they really did want to be on your list. However, you will lose a lot of subscribers because of unverified emails. They simply won’t click on your confirm link. So if you’re giving away a free gift, make sure you do so after the confirmation.

Whichever option you choose is going to be right for you. However, you may also want to experiment to see which one yields better results for gaining you subscriber numbers.

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