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Tech Joy Kit

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Thank you for signing up to receive my free Tech Joy kit. I know how stressful technology can be; I’ve worked as a technical support specialist for over a decade! I’ve created these tools to help you organize your technology, track it, and use it to help you grow your business. Each one of these tools comes with a short instructional video.

Note: If you signed up in response to a webinar, look for an email within 24 hours with your access information. Thank you.

Website Organizational ToolKeep the information you need for your business’ online identity secure. Website, email, social media…have it in one place. This tool is also good for those “unexpected events” in life because whoever needs to help you (or take over if you’re incapacitated) will have the information necessary. Download the Website Organizational Tool

Instructional Video For the Website Organizational Tool:

Social Media Tracking Tool – Numbers. We love them…obsess over them…hate them…it doesn’t matter how we feel about them. We all all do is track them. This social media tracking tool is a spreadsheet that allows you to see month-to-month and year-to-year adjustments in your metrics for just about every social media site there is. Download the Social Media Tracking Tool Instructions for some tips and hints. Then, Download the Social Media Tracker to get tracking those numbers.

Instructional Video for the Social Media Tracker:

Social Media Calendar You’re tracking your numbers, but what to post and when? Download the Social Media Planner to help you determine what you want to post Download the Social Media Scheduling Calendar to plot out your posts to mix up the promotional with the engaging.

Instruction for the Social Media Scheduling Calendar

Wealth Planning Tool – Do you know what to charge to reach the lifestyle of your dreams? Can you quantify that into an hourly amount, so you know exactly what you are making each and every time you sit down to work? Know what your time is worth and what you need to be making with this wealth planning tool. Download the Wealth Planning Tool PDF to complete by hand. Or
download the Wealth Planning Tool Spreadsheet to let Excel make all the calculations for you.

Instruction Video for the Wealth Planning Tool

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