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With the new big release of WordPress, you’re probably thinking about upgrading. After all, one good way to keep your site secure is to upgrade to the latest version and keep your site patched. Already, version 5.0.1 which has some pretty big security fixes in it, has come along and many sites have automatically upgraded to that version.

But what if your WordPress site isn’t set to auto upgrade and you’re wondering if you should.

First, make sure everything is up to date. Plugins. Themes. Remove what plugins you don’t need or aren’t using. Remove the themes you aren’t using. Make sure your site is as lean and mean as you can make it. (Need help? Don’t worry. Contact me!)

Then, install the Classic Editor plugin. If you don’t want to move right to the new Gutenberg builder, this will keep you running on the old interface for as long as you want. (My understanding is that it will be supported through like 2021 or 2022.)

Back up your site. (I like WpBackUp as a plugin.) Make sure you have a copy. Then, upgrade.

Most likely you won’t have any issues. If you do have special plugins or coding, you may wish to build a local development site and test it there. Not sure how to do that? I can help! But for the vast majority of people, you won’t have any issues with your site. Of the many sites I host and maintain, I’ve only had issues with 1, and that one wasn’t upgraded at all before moving to 5.0. (It’ll also probably be an easy fix. I just need to do it.)

Backups and making sure you’re up to date with everything is what will protect you and keep you updated before you upgrade to the latest version of WordPress.