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Those who podcast know about the PowerPress Plugin. This plugin will help you take your podcast to the next level, and it’s one I highly recommend. Recently they posted their four tips for new podcasters. I’m going to take these tips and build on them.

Tip #1: Subscribe to your own show

Look, you want to know when something goes wrong, preferably before your listeners find out. When you subscribe to your own show through all the channels it’s available–RSS, iTunes, Sticher, other platforms–you’ll see that your show has updated so you can get on top of issues sooner.

Tip #2: Listen to your own show

I know you put in the time to create the audio, but listen to it once it’s uploaded. This way, again, you’ll catch quality issues or things that you may want to resolve before the show goes to a wider audience. Plus, you can see how awesome you sound.

Tip #3: Shownotes! Yes, you need them.

I’m not saying this just because I do show notes. (Check out my services and pricing!) You don’t have to go the full timestamp route if you don’t want to. I don’t for Unscrambled Authors since my show runs less than 30 minutes. If I did a full hour-long show, I would totally do timestamps to go along with my show notes. Putting a bit about your guest, your topic, and links for your guest’s work isn’t just good for your backlinks and SEO, it’s nice too. Make sure the people who visit your show page know how to learn more about your topics and guests.

Tip #4: It’s okay to evolve.

The final tip isn’t so much as a technical tip, but a mindset. Your show will evolve as you continue to do it. You may add sponsors or change format. You might shift your focus. It’s all okay. As long as you’re enjoying what you do, it’s all good.

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