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KDP Rocket came highly recommended in one of the Facebook group’s I’m in for finding Kindle keywords. I checked it out, discovered Dave Chesson’s site Kindlepreneur, and I knew I had to interview him on the show. Dave’s work shows that you don’t need a “known name” or even the same pen name to sell books. And on his site Kindlepreneur he shares information with you on how you can do it too. So we talk about what someone who is a bit frustrated with sales can do to start selling more books!

Sounds great, doesn’t it?

About Our Guest

Hi, I’m Dave!  I’m 31 years old and a 9 year veteran of the US Navy.  I was also a military kid and so have lived in all corners of the globe.  But that’s not what defines me.  After my family, my real passion is books, but more specifically the new world of Kindle e-books.  I’ve made a pretty decent side income out of them. You could say ‘I have a certain set of skills’ 😉

If I had to describe myself, I would start by saying I’m a husband and a father first and foremost.  But when I am not playing dress up or chasing the Bogey Man out of the closet, I am an online entrepreneur specializing in Kindle e-book marketing.

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About KDP Rocket, his software designed to help you find Kindle Keywords!

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