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About the Show

In this show I discuss the My Author Home Radio Network, of which this show is a part of and discuss what you need before you start a podcast, why you would want to start a podcasts, the benefits you’ll receive and how to get started quickly and easily. Along the way you’ll get recommendations for tech that you’ll need (that won’t break the bank), and why joining a network will provide you with more promotional power.

To top it all off, I’ll also discuss how you can earn money and have your show pay for itself!

This show is the replay of the Podcast to Profits webinar I completed on April 30 (minus the video). Below you’ll find links to the PDF slides which accompany the audio as well as the link to the headset/microphone I use for my solo shows.  Got questions? Hit me up at the email address above.

My headset/microphone recommendation
Download the PDF slides accompanying this webinar.

This show is part of the My Author Home Radio Network.