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On this episode of Unscrambled Authors, I interview Tracey Cramer Kelly about her writing about wounded warriors, motorcycles, and all the very exciting things she’s done in her life.

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About our Guest

I still wake up many days astounded that I am a mother, business owner, and author/producer. It doesn’t seem quite fair that I am so incredibly blessed!

I like to say that I write about ‘bikers, soldiers and celebrities’ but I do make forays into totally different characters (such as taiko drum players, cowboys and ex-baseball heroes, ha).  I mostly write full-length and novella-length romantic fiction, but have also explored short erotic fiction and scriptwriting. I also try to keep one toe in the music world, contributing vocals to several albums as well as releasing my own covers. I have even been known to produce music videos and book trailers!

My writing draws from my experience as an Army-trained combat medic and paramedic (that’s me on the left at my Army AIT school graduation!) as well as over 20 years of being a “biker chick” (that’s me above). Another really cool thing I’ve done is learn to fly a helicopter (and yes, there’s me when I passed my flight test!).

I am married to man who actually puts up with my crazy ideas (and who keeps me grounded) and have two young children (son Nathan, and daughter, Evelyn) to whom I am ‘super soccer mom.’ For someone who swore in my younger days that I’d never have children, I am regularly astounded by my capacity for love and humbled by the blessings these two bring to my life.

My husband and I own a motorcycle accessories manufacturing business (Leader Motorcycle) which is my full-time job – and has been since 2003.

When I’m not writing, working or parenting, I like to bang on taiko drums for stress relief. I also enjoy downhill skiing in the winter and water sports (skiing, rafting) in the summer.

I love to hear from readers, so drop me a note (tracey (at) and/or follow me on whatever social media platform you prefer.


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