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About the Show

On today’s show I interview Margery Walshaw about her book, Full Color Life. We chat about creativity, how elusive it is, how to regain it, and ways writers can enhance their creativity to write more.

About the Guest

Margery Walshaw has served as an editor and publicist to novelists who are published by Berkley, Simon & Schuster, St. Martin’s Press, and Scholastic. She has managed screenwriters whose scripts have sold to major production companies and television networks. Additionally, as a book packager she helps many successful indie authors with guidance on editorial, art direction, and social media.

Her articles have appeared in national publications and she has also worked on publicity campaigns for nationally and internationally recognized companies. She was privileged to teach public relations at Pepperdine University in Malibu and has provided many professionals with writing instruction along with ghostwriting of their own books.

Margery holds a Bachelor’s Degree from U.S.C. and returned later to earn her Master of Arts degree in Professional Writing also from U.S.C. If ever stranded on a desert island, her one wish is to be with another writer.

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About the Book

Have you ever asked…What if I could work for myself? How can I pursue my creative dreams? How do I become more successful?

The idea of being creative triggers mixed reactions. Some people admit to feeling a passion for creative activities, but modestly claim their efforts aren’t good enough. Others shake their heads as if to push the thought away and say they have to make a real living.

Margery Walshaw has worked with creatives throughout the world. She’s noticed that those who are most successful view life as if seeing a rainbow — dramatically and in full color.

Here she has written an empowering guide to help businesses and individuals, even those who aren’t in artistic fields, find their creative spark and develop the self-belief and tools to make their business and personal life flourish.

She encourages people to release preconceived ideas and harmful phrases such as “I can’t” and “what if” while moving purposefully toward a life that is happier, more fulfilling, and responsible.

More than a testament for creative expression, Full Color Life provides inspiration and instruction for individuals and businesses. It’s about embracing challenges, finding opportunities, and discovering those elusive rainbows that lead us to a creative, balanced life.

Read this book and enjoy the journey in your Full Color Life.

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