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In today’s show I chat with the duo who writes as Kristen Delaney about their series, working with a coauthor, and writing for the Amazon Shorts market.

About Our Guests

Kirsten Delaney was born in a small town in upstate New York in 1982. When she was 3 years old her father joined the US Navy and in short order, Kirsten lived in Florida, Illinois and Mississippi before her dad was transferred to San Diego, California.

She moved around a few times between San Diego and San Francisco until moving to the Imperial Valley of California where her father and mother found work as teachers after her dad left the Navy.

She grew up in another small town, Calipatria, California until upon graduation from high school she attended Cottey College in Nevada, Missouri, a two year women’s school.

Kicking up her heels at college, she became one of the leaders of the infamous Rat Sorority, an underground organization whose zany exploits rivaled the fraternity in the movie Animal House.

When Kirsten graduated from Cottey, she moved back to California to attend Cal State Fullerton and to marry her high school sweetheart, Javier, who was also attending Fullerton. When he graduated from Fullerton, they both moved back to Calipatria. Javier worked as a teacher, then joined the California Highway Patrol, and Kirsten worked as the Administrative Manager for a large agricultural company. They have two children, Isaac and Anelise.

The writing bug bit Kirsten early on in life and romance novels became her particular favorite when she and her mother would buy grocery bags full of Harlequin romance books from the used book store.

Kirsten now writes full-time, specializing in romance works with a large dose of mystery. She has published a five book serial featuring Detective Lexi Murphy, a strong willed arson investigator for the state of California. Her next book featuring Lexi is due for publication in just a few weeks.

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About the Book

Detective Lexi Murphy has just been handed the toughest case of her career. A firefighter from the same firehouse where her dad had been stationed has just been murdered.

To make matters worse, this new case bears startling similarities to her father’s unsolved homicide 17 years ago.

Follow Lexi as she returns home to investigate the new murder and unearth evidence to link her father’s death to this new one.

Along the way she encounters a brash and handsome Highway Patrol officer, a surly District Attorney, a scar-faced stalker, an evil group of arsonists and the whispering ghosts of her own troubled past.

Emotional, heart-wrenching and packed full of excitement, The Return of Lexi Murphy will please any fan of romantic mystery books.

The Return of Lexi Murphy is a boxed set edition containing these 5 titles available individually:
Book 1 Fire On The highway
Book 2 The Bottle Bombers
Book 3 The Deadline
Book 4 Web Of Justice
Book 5 Sons of Fire

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