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I build on last week’s show by talking about my tracking spreadsheet and how I write more than one project at once. I provide the best tips for getting deep into your character’s point of view, writing quickly, and moving onto the next project.

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Erin Salcietto focused on one thing–dressage. In high school her horses were her refuge, as an adult they allowed her the work she loved training and raising horses, as well as operating Two Hearts Rescue South in Missouri, the counterpoint to the main Two Hearts Rescue ranch in Wyoming. She hadn’t thought about her best friend’s brother, high school quarterback turned assistant football coach at the local college, Bryan Dent, but when he shows up at one of her shows, the sparks fly.

Bryan had always wanted Erin, but had thought she was too smart, too focused for him. In high school he’d been the jock, coasting by on his good looks and football skills. Now that he was an assistant coach with a winning football team, he’d achieved all his goals–or so he thought. A chance encounter with Erin reignites old flames, and soon, this jock is wondering how he fits into the Dressage Queen’s world, because he really wants to. And it’s important that he proves to her that he’s more than just a former high school jock.

A portion of the proceeds from this book is donated to animal rescue causes and animal rescue efforts.

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A rescue in need of cash. A broken heart in need of mending.

Giving up and going back to work as an attorney didn’t appeal to Jay, even though he knew it would bring in money to save his failing rescue, 2 Hearts Ranch. When Cody shows up after walking out on him too many years ago, Jay wonders if his former lover is playing a trick on him, or if Cody’s arrival answers more than one of his prayers.

Tired of not being accepted for who he was–a gay man–Cody walked away from his family’s fortune to go after the man he loved–Jay. When he hears about the rescue’s financial troubles, he knows he can help. Except some wounds take longer than others to heal, and he has to prove to Jay that this time, he’s going to stay.

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