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About the Group

The Unscrambled Authors group arose out of a place to bring together the podcast community with the writer’s community that Mary wanted to create. This is a place for all authors no matter what they write, no matter their stage in the publishing journey. This is a free Facebook group, and yes, while Mary talks about what she offers and the work she does, there is no pressure to use her services, though she’d love to talk to you about how she can help. *smiles* Mostly it’s a place for authors to connect, share a virtual cup of coffee, tea, Kool-aid, water, or whatever beverage is in their glasses, and help each other.

About the Podcast

Want more Unscrambled Authors? Listen to the podcast. New episodes air every Tuesday. Want to be a guest? Send an email to the email address at the top of this page and let’s talk. The focus of the podcast is helping authors get unscrambled. If you have a topic to share about writing that you think can help other authors, or just want to talk about your genre, let’s chat. I’d love to have you on the show.

Group Rules

1. No promo except on special threads. Any drive by promo will result in instant removal from the group.

Note about service provider recommendations: They are welcome, but also remember that I am a technical goddess and work as a virtual assistant for authors. Information is available on my website and I will give discounts to UA members.

2. We are open to all authors with a focus on indie published authors. All genres are welcome.

3. With the above in mind, please make sure your posts do not contain any adult content. Sure, let’s talk about marketing our super sexy erotic books. Let’s not share excerpts. See rule #1. 🙂

4. Follow Wil Wheaton’s rule: Don’t be a dick. Be nice, even if it’s a question you’ve seen a million times.

5. Respect opinions. See rule #4. Look, if you ask 100 indie authors how to indie publish, you’ll probably get 150 responses. There is no one true way. This is true in life as well as publishing. Each of us is on our own path.

6. Remember that while we’re each on our own paths, we don’t promote information on how to game the system, scam the system, or do anything icky.

7. Remember the cardinal rule of writing, also known in SF circles as Yog’s Law: Money flows toward the author. Sure, we all have to pay the costs of publishing (cover art, editing, etc.), but if someone wants you to pay four figures to publish your book. RUN AWAY. Run like you’re a 1st level D&D character who just rolled a 1 against vampires. RUN!

8. Speaking of questions that are often repeated. Answers/threads will be gathered into a FAQ document. It IS okay to refer people to the FAQ document with a link. This document will be posted here as well when created.

9. Any questions? Ask a mod.

10. This is your community. See something you are not sure belongs? Report to a mod or tag a mod.


Hi, I’m Mary Caelsto, the owner of this group. I wanted to take a moment and introduce myself. I’ve been a published author in erotic romance since December 2002, and from that time I’ve worked with nearly 10 different epublishers, including some of the biggest in the digital publishing space. I’ve also seen a lot of small publishers come and go, including my own, which ran for seven years and closed in 2016 due to changes in the publishing space, my health and family situation, and my own belief that frankly, in today’s publishing world being an indie author is the way to go. I couldn’t in good faith continue to run a publisher when I didn’t believe in them myself, so Jupiter Gardens Press closed.

I write both for the love and for (I hope) money. I’ve taken basically a 4 year hiatus from publishing due to the aforementioned health and family issues and in spite of being a full-time care taker for my mom since January of this year, have dived back into publishing.

Currently I write as…

Mary Winter — My longest running pen name with over 50 books released, though many I have the rights to and are on the re-release list. My focus has become M/F contemporary and paranormal (shifters, YUM) erotic romance. Website:

W.M. Kirkland – I write M/M contemporary and paranormal erotic romance under this pen name and will be rebranding my Mary Winter titles here. W.M. shares a website with Mary Winter. Website:

Mary Kit Caelsto – This is a new pen name and my “for the love” pen name where I write horse books for all ages and am working on some urban fantasy and fantasy books, also featuring horses and magical creatures. Website forthcoming.

What services does Mary offer?

Author website hosting: My Author Home has free and paid website hosting offers for authors.  Want to learn more?

Author Virtual Assistance: Through Unscramblet (check out the links above), I offer author newsletter and website administration, ghost writing, transcription, podcast production and podcast services through My Author Home Radio, and more.

Editing – I’ve been an editor for over 8 years between my own publishing company and others. I do line and content/developmental editing with an emphasis on fantasy, science fiction, and romance. And yes, I love the oxford comma.