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Episode 4: How selling your books from your own website can give you more money and a bigger bang for your marketing dollars

On today’s show, I discuss the many reasons why you want to be able to sell your books from your own website, including how this can help you track exactly which marketing efforts are more effective and how to drive reader traffic to your website with discounts, specials, and even free gifts.

Resources mentioned: – My Author Home Free offers a monthly giveaway of books on the 20th of each month. This is an excellent use of your webstore, saves you money over InstaFreebie, and helps you track where those readers are coming from. – Looking to set up a webstore on a platform that’s optimized for it, with security and all the plugins you need for your store built in. If you don’t have a WordPress website or just want to keep your store different from your website, check out the free websites offered here.

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