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Episode 26: Freedom as a self-published author with Drew Avera

by Mary Caelsto

We’re Coming Back!

Enjoy our past episodes. We’re going to be coming back with a new and updated show soon.

Join author Mary Winter and friends as they discuss the business of writing, technology, and creativity. Each episode is designed to help authors unscramble the many hats that writers today have to wear–no matter where or how they’re published. This isn’t your usual writing podcast. Sure, we’ll talk about books and the latest release, but we’ll dig deeper than that.

What issues are affecting authors today? What news is rocking the publishing world? What do authors do to sell more books and how to do they reach new readers? How do they rise above the noise of so many books being produced?

If you’re looking to deepen your writing and boost your career, stay tuned! Our guests have got you covered.

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Intro and Outro music is the song Mirrorball provided by Purple Planet Music and used with permission.

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