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A big question for newer authors is what should they include on bookmarks? There’s a lot of metadata about your book that might be helpful like the blurb, the publisher, the buy links, tags and categories. But on a 2×6 or 2×8 inch bookmark, you don’t want the type so small someone needs to use a magnifying glass. So how do you choose?

Catch Their Eye

A great cover catches the eye and bright, bold colors will help your bookmarks stand out. Make sure you include your cover in a high resolution, full color image if at all possible. You may also wish to convert your cover to grey-scale and include on the back.

Using a background color, or even a larger image of the cover can also add color and interest to your bookmarks. One of my first professionally done bookmarks used a style that I continue to this day.

Where can they get your book?

All the information in the world does no good if readers don’t know where they can get your book. Sure, your own website is great, but how about Amazon or All Romance Ebooks? Readers have different preferred vendors and they’re going to want to know that your book is available there.

What else do you do?

Always include your website. This might seem obvious, and if you look at the example bookmarks I have below, you’ll see that I included a snip of a cover from another book that readers may find interesting. This also means include your social media handles as well.

You have two sides–use them!

Finally, I’d like to remind you that your bookmark has two sides. Yes, it is often cheaper if you get the second side printed in black and white, but that’s okay. It’s a great place to put your blurb, your links, your social media, your coupon offers…whatever you’d like.

When thinking about what to include on your bookmark, it’s important to think about what you would like as a reader if you picked up this bookmark. What would entice you to go looking farther? I’m including a sample front and back bookmark that I recently completed for my Tobine Chronicles series so you can see how I arranged the information and what my bookmarks will look like. I hope this inspires you to get bookmarking!

Bookmark Front

lowres Tobine Bookmark Back