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Since I talk about tech things, you might be wondering why I’m blogging about new writing habits. It’s because the two go hand in hand. When authors think about habits they want to implement or new things to do, the laundry list always involves technology.

  • Promote books more effectively
  • Find time to write
  • Increase output by using dictation
  • Better utilize a website
  • More social media

Each one of these items requires technology and new habits. So the two go hand-in-hand. Recently I changed my writing schedule. I now get up at 6am to do client work and write before I feed the horses and livestock and go into work. I thought it’d be a difficult thing to do, but I found that a few things made it easier.

1. Make a commitment

I knew I had to make this change so I became determined to do it. My commitment to myself helped set the stage for success.

2. Have a plan.

Even if this means setting the alarm for 6, 6:30, and 7 do it. When you have a plan for success, you have a plan to win.

3. Know your reason why.

In my case, it had to do with a personal change and why I needed to remain my focus. When you know why you’re making the change–and a big hint here, a real personal reason will motivate you more than a “should do this” reason–you’ll be reinforcing the reason why.

Start slowly. Working now, even in the hectic holiday season on new things you’d like to do in the new year means you’re getting a head start. You’re building new habits, and if you can do it now, you certainly can do it when this busy time of year is over.