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Gutenberg. It’s not just the original printing press anymore; it’s the name of the new editor that released with WordPress 5.0 last week, and it’s development and release has caused quite the storm within the WordPress Community. Along with the new editor has come the new default theme–2019.

Those who have worked with WordPress will recognize the previous themes (2015, 2017, etc.) as pretty generic looking blogs with headers, a navigation bar, and a blog with a sidebar. Stock photos were included and while I liked working with 2017 for an easy “out of the box” setup to WordPress sites, they all kind of had a default “blog” type look to them. I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but I know people commented on how the default “WordPress look” wasn’t what they wanted for their sites, and thus, you dove down the rabbit hole of themes to customize your sites.

WordPress has brought us 2019, which fully embraces the Gutenberg block experience. This means that you can choose what blocks you want to put not just on your post in the editor, but also really use them to customize your website. There are numerous blocks (over 100 at last count) available, and tons of ways to customize the site.

I feel like for those of us who have used WordPress for a long time that 5.0 will be an adventure. This isn’t a bad thing. Just a new thing and the new 2019 theme will be there to help guide the way.