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As is often the case, a casual conversation about things people wish happened on websites turned into a how to article and video for me. Not only does this have applications that were mentioned in the conversation, but also, as authors, we may wish to drive readers directly to our book excerpts, or perhaps send them to the book information, rather than direct them past a blurb, buy links, five paragraphs about why we wrote the book or how we got the inspiration for it.

This great tool I’m talking about is page jumps. To try it out, click on the link above that says “jump to video”. You’ll see the page scroll down to the video so you can watch it, rather than read all of this text before you get to the video. The best thing about page jumps is not only are they good to use within a post, such as you see here, but also to send to specific points on other pages within your website. So, if I write an article about page jumps and the nifty way I help my clients use them on their websites, instead of just linking you to this page, I might send you straight to the how to video.

Because you don’t know the size of someone’s screen, page jumps are extra useful. For example, if you’re reading this blog on your phone or Kindle, you won’t have as much screen real estate as you would on a laptop or desktop. That means you’ll have to scroll, scroll, scroll to get to the video. Or, you could just use a page jump to go there. Whereas on a laptop or desktop you probably already see the video, know it’s there, and hey, you might even have clicked play already.

I encourage you to think about ways you can use page jumps to move readers through your blog and website, and what content you might like to link them to. Got questions? Use the contact me page and reach out. I’d love to hear from you.

More information? Check out this article. It applies to self-hosted WordPress websites as well.