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Those in the entrepreneurial world have heard about landing pages. They’re often called squeeze pages, because they usually have one action, such as opting into a newsletter to receive a free gift. They squeeze the reader in the direction that you want them to go. There are usually no other exits from the page other than closing it.

Writers can learn a lot from landing pages. Not only can they study the language and the persuasion that’s used within them to see how to improve the opt-ins on their websites, but also they can use them for a few things.

1. Sign up for pre-release notifications.

Get information on the next book in the series, on pre-release goodies that may come with a book or specials or sales.

2. Become part of a street team.

Squeeze pages are a great way to pick up people to join your street team as well.

3. Get bonuses for your books.

For my nonfiction books there is a link to book bonuses. While I use more of a membership/subscription model for those, you can also use squeeze pages to pick up new subscribers.

Squeeze pages are a good thing for writers to implement on their websites. Thinking about adding a squeeze page? Talk to me.