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The lazy days of summer might mean sitting in your back yard or by the pool reading a good book or thinking about nothing except enjoying the time with your kids. But did you know this is the perfect time for website upgrades?

Turn your “lazy time” into productive time by thinking about your author website and what you may want to do to help enhance it. Perhaps you want to add a webstore so you can use Amazon Affiliate links to direct readers to your books (and make a bit of extra cash). Or maybe you’d like to add a newsletter sign up box, or even just an inviting pop up that happens when people cruise through your website. Whatever changes you want to make, spending time thinking about them is never wasted, and can be a great way to connect with a technical assistant such as myself to help make your ideas happen.

Here are some suggestions to spruce up your website and online presence.

Enhance your lead capture system (aka newsletter sign ups)

Think about ways to make your newsletter sign up boxes more inviting and more prominent on your site. Perhaps you do want to engage the use of mobile-friendly popups. Setting up an autoresponder system to engage with your readers and deliver a free story or other incentive for signing up is also a good way to make changes that help enhance your reader connection.

Create a Media Kit or Update Your About Page

Readers want to know about authors, and bloggers and podcasters want an easy way to connect with you and put your information online. Creating a media kit, or even just updating your “about me” page will help make this happen. Make sure to add juicy nuggets so your readers feel as if they know you, or at least can connect with you. Do you crochet or do other needle crafts? Do you love your pet cat or dog? Share this information. Your readers will enjoy learning more about you.

Add automation tools

One of my favorite plugins tweets old blog posts to get them additional visibility. How about something that cultivates your tweets and turns them into a blog post if you’re active on Twitter. There are many ways to add automation to your site so that you can get more engagement without spending extra time.

Of course these three tips aren’t the only ways to update your website. They’re great places to get started. So the next time you’re at the pool, spend some time dreaming about what you’d like your website to do, and then reach out. Let’s make it happen together.