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It’s all in the audio, right? Your witty guest. The powerful insights. Who actually visits the website to read show notes anyway? Yet good show notes can do more than enhance your show, they can also add to your site’s search engine optimization, help your website visitors find content more quickly, and do more to promote your guests.

Good show notes are more than just “here’s my show”. A brief summary, good guest bio and picture, along with links, as well as links to your guest’s book, product or service really serve to highlight the work you put in on behalf of your guest. These notes will become a counterpoint to your show. Perhaps you could offer an additional download, use it to build your list. Or maybe you could provide a special offer or service that your guest is only doing for your show.

Listeners who are new to your show may use your show notes to determine if the show is something that they want to listen to. They may also bookmark the show notes and return to them, especially if like me they listen to podcasts while driving or doing other things.

Good show notes are vital to helping your show grow and flourish. They will showcase your guests, highlight your show’s important topics for SEO, and promote you as a powerful podcaster. Need show notes for your show? Check out my services.