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One of the reason why I love tools like DataSprout and BookReport is that they allow me to look at the big picture. I can take a look not just at total numbers, but how those numbers break down over books and series, and even pen names. I feel that this is important. I know, for example, when planning writing what I want to do. I have the stories that come to me, the submission calls and projects I see. I also need to know how everything is doing.

When I look at my 2018 totals, for example, it quickly becomes apparent that the series I am doing mostly for fun is actually one of my biggest money makers. I’d put it on the back burner because I hadn’t realized it was doing so well. Now that I know…. well, I better change my priorities a bit.

And the books that I have that are part of someone’s shared world. Well, let’s see if I can tie into those, bring those readers over to my other work. That’s on the schedule too.

I wouldn’t be able to make those decisions if I weren’t looking at big picture things.

So while I can’t tell you to ignore the micro, the month and even day to day sales of what’s happening. The big picture numbers allow me to assess sale through for different series as well. There’s a lot you can learn when looking at the big picture, rather than getting bogged down in day to day reporting.